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Fat Activism

Here you will find lots of interesting and useful information about fat activism.

What is Fat Activism?

Fat Activism is about self-esteem. Fat Activism is about defence of rights. Fat Activism is about feeling better about yourself. Fat Activism is about being in control. Fat Activism is about courage, power and peace.

What is Fat Activism for You?

Fat activism for you may be simply going out of your home and facing a potentially cruel world. You may not be ready to visit a government official to urge civil rights for fat people. Here's a few simple things YOU can do to help fat activism: Write letters, join NAAFA, distribute leaflets, find a support community, send e-mail messages to officials and executives, make telephone calls. Just participate in activism that makes you happy.

What is The Fat Activist Task Force?

The Fat Activist Task Force is a coalition of fat activists participating in organized letter writing campaigns to fight size discrimination. Members write letters of protest or praise to targets designated in Task Force Alerts or in the NAAFA Newsletter.

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