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This group is for fat folk that are DELIBERATELY getting fatter! The name for this type of sexual fetish is FEEDERISM. If you are already fat and trying to gain weight to become EVEN fatter, or if you enjoy watching and encouraging fat people to become EVEN fatter and MORE obese, then this group is for you! We welcome ALL Feedees, Feeders, Gainers and Encouragers alike! So join us, and let the feeding and fattening begin!

Fat slang is welcomed, accepted AND encouraged within this group. We like the use of names such as 'Fatty', 'Fat Pig', 'Glutton', 'Piggy', 'Porker', 'Food Slave' etc. So feel free to use such names freely and openly. After all, those of us who ARE actively eating to gain weight ARE all of these things, and we know it and LOVE it!

We are NOT timid, shy or tame, like some of the other groups dealing with Feederism, so the more controversial and extreme you are about feeding and fattening the better we like it! We are TOTALLY open minded about ALL aspects of Feederism, including Funnel Feeding (see the photo above), Tube Feeding and Force Feeding techniques, so post your messages and TELL US ABOUT IT!!!

Fat Lovers - Established in 2011

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