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After only about 3 days I was contacted by Bill. It's been wonderful ever since. It's great to be with someone who isn't concerned about my size for once in my life. But even more amazing, Bill is slim and gorgeous!

Jenna, 34 years

I've been a big guy for as long as I can remember. Meeting Julia on fatlovers.co.uk has changed my life, she is so relaxed and funny.

Adam, 29 years

Initially I was taken back by the name of the website, but realised Fat Lovers is only like saying beautiful-friends. I have had 2 dates now and met two lovely gents. Ok, no wedding bells yet, but its early days.

Paula, 45 years

I love big ladies, even though I'm not big myself. I don't mean this in any fetish kind of way either. There is something about a larger lady that makes me feel all protective!

Geoff, 42 years

I found Fat Lovers after looking at the NAAFA website. I was delighted to find that fatlovers.co.uk was for UK singles and wasn't for American singles (which dating sites usually are).

Debs, 38 years

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